Motion by Chimney Choir

Chimney Choir says:
We are releasing a new music video and song along with an IndieGogo campaign to help raise money for recording this winter.  
The IndieGogo runs from 
October 7th through November 2nd.  There is also a 2 part performance at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver. 
The first (Oct 3rd) was a Neo-Post-Western Sci-Fi Mystery Dream Sequence Telethon Dinner Theater Thriller.  There were mimes, puppets, abstract speeches about money in the arts and then Kris was kidnapped to Neptune at the end of the show.  
The conclusion is 
October 24th
 at Synatx, where Kris will return from Neptune and all will be well.  I hope!

For anyone that lives in or around Denver, these are events you do not want to miss out on! There’s sure to be lots of surprises and amazing music! 
Go check it out!

Also, be sure to take a look and follow their other pages!

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