I think it’s ironic that people have been bitching for YEARS about how Flickr hasn’t been updated (It’s behind on the times) and that it needs a facelift and blah, blah, blah. So the moment they start to update and integrate some powerful new tools people start screaming bloody murder and start uploading photos that say FLICKR IS DEAD. I mean really? 

Not to mention all this hoohaa about Yahoo buying Tumblr. Um, hello guys… How is this not a GOOD THING? Realize that this is Yahoo’s last chance to stay relevant and you think they’re just going to close it down or “mess it up”. Hell no! They’re going to put everything they got into this platform and you know what that means? We’re finally going to get features and tools that have been long overdue. And if this new Flickr redesign is any clue as to what the future might bring, I’d say we’re in good hands. 

Now, you know what would have been scary? If Google or Facebook had bought Tumblr. Since they’re already extremely successful companies I could imagine both of them thinking it’s a good idea to just merge and intergrate the unique tumblr features into their social networks. Ugh. Now that would have sucked.