This week’s LIMITED EDITION focuses on a extremely useful APP for both the iPhone and iPad. Flipboard pulls from all of your online accounts; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and a plethora of other platforms and consolidates them all into a neatly organized digital magazine. It’s honestly pretty incredible and saves you a buttload of time rather than logging into all your different accounts. But to me, the best part about is it how it’s organized and presented as a magazine (That is frequently updating). Sometimes you’ll open the app up and see something you made on the front cover, or a picture of your friends on Facebook. 

So if you get tired of that, there’s even other sections divided by genre that are curated by Flipboard editors. All in all it’s a really well-rounded APP that you’ll be using daily. 

You can download the app here: 

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.