This week’s LIMITED EDITION is featuring a new camera IOS app called Koloid. Inspired by 19th century’s collodion photography, Koloid lets you create one of the kind, b&w photos that are truly yours in the sense that you can’t create the same effect twice. Each is a unique analog-esque snowflake that is rarely seen among the traditional fixed filter effects that are so rampant in most photo apps.

What’s cool is that when you take a picture with your iPhone, you can develop the image with your hands. Tilt the device to spread the chemical liquid and make your picture emerge! Everything depends on your patience and manual skills. Holding the liquid in one place for too long will result in a burned area. Omitting a part of the picture will leave it undeveloped. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Each photo is unique!

The app is only .99 cents but well worth the price. Get it here.