Let’s face it, the world needs a Hoverboard! So that’s exactly what we’re going to try and build. We want to create an open source Hoverboard platform that can be customized for fun or tailored to meet the needs of any industry.

The technology needed to make a real working Hoverboard already exists, it’s just very expensive and not easily obtainable right now. Well, that’s one of the key things that we want to solve with this project. We want to spend the time and effort to figure out exactly what is needed and focus on bringing that technology down to a price that is affordable and obtainable. By making this an open source project, we can share all the information collected along the way and have users from all over the world contributing to help out.

We’re asking for 1 million dollars! By funding this project, you’re helping us put the first conscious effort into making an open source Hoverboard platform.. What did you think that was going to cost? This is not going to be an easy task, but that’s what makes it worth it! Everything that is learned from this initiative will be cataloged and placed on our website for others to use and benefit the project. So to be more accurate, this project is really to fund the beginning of a world with Hoverboards.

The funds will be used in various ways. At first, we’ll need to setup an online development center using “Hoverboards.org" where we can store all the information collected from the various teams working on the project around the world. Then, we will need to come up with a few designs that are cost-feasible and start the prototyping process. Anyone in product design and/or development knows that prototyping can get expensive, so we want to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Once we have a working prototype, we’ll need to create an iPhone and Android app that will be used to control the Hoverboard. You can see our prototype app below.

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I would rob a bank to make this happen.