Fellow Illusionists, Show us your magic.


1. Watermarks - We understand that you don’t want your work to be plagiarized. But if your name is plastered all over your art piece, it becomes an eyesore that nobody wants to look at. Exceptions will rarely be made unless it is strategically placed.

2. Poor Image Quality - That’s awesome that it took you 13 hours to finish that painting. But if you take a picture of it with your phone, or it’s just a bad image in general (ie. poor lighting, not true color tones, pixelated, shadows) then expect an automatic decline. We want to present your work in the highest quality possible. So please, if you can, scan your work with a decent scanner, or take it to a place where it can be professionally done. Or take a high quality image with your digital camera in a neutral tone setting.

3. Holiday / Political / Religious Themed Art - This is a hard one to pinpoint. If your submissions have aspects of these things in them, that’s fine. But when it becomes the focal point and goes beyond the art and starts becoming propaganda then it starts getting iffy. We’re not saying you can’t deconstruct a political agenda (ie. Banksy), or have religious imagery, or pictures of pine trees in the snow. But things like Obama with a hitler mustache, promoting a specific religion, or reenactment photos of Rudolph the rednose rain deer will most likely be rejected.

We want Art that makes you think. Not Art that thinks for you.